dKart ECS

dKart Ice Navigator

Received certificate of the Russian Register of Shipping for the Electronic Chart System (ECS) dKart Navigator Ice with ice raster and vector charts support, including S-411 vector data.

NavDСo L.l.c. and Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) in close cooperation, both based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, announce the release of the latest version of dKart Ice Navigator – a top-class ECS for navigation in permanent and seasonal ice areas (Tartar straight), which features:

  • A set of layers to display ice data of various types (concentration, drift, pressure, wind) and satellite imagery
  • Scheduled ice chart updates
  • Customizable presentation of ice charts on the screen with national and international symbology, numerical values expressed in user-defined units, etc.
  • Shore-based routing service supplying recommended routes on board, and much more.

System expansion onto the Web allows remote monitoring of ice situation within port authority responsibility areas, safeguarded zones, etc on mobile devices and desktops.

Ice Now-, Forecasting and Routing Service by AARI

AARI supplies elaborate ice now and forecasts based on satellite imagery in visible and infrared ranges (TER (EOS Terra), AQU (EOS Aqua), LT7 (Landsat-7), LT8 (Landsat-8), RA2 (Radarsat-2), FY3 satellites), radar images and other available sources. Processing of an image occur on 4 possible levels to provide output within 2-3 hours. The output is in the form of a vector *dcf formatted chart, which is transfer format for S-411 and S-57. Such charts are prepared to be displayed laid over official S-57 and CM-93/3 ENCs on the ECS screen.

Ice charts go with recommended routes through ice fields. Such routes come from ship model based calculations of engine modes, hull response, time and costs along each route alternative, and selection of the optimal one according to user-defined criteria. However, route import and route planning functionalities of dKart Ice Navigator allow the final decision about which route to take be left to the ship master on board, and to update it whenever a need for it arises.

dKart Ice Navigator uses macros to input ice data in the form of *dcf charts and display those laid over official S-57 and CM-93/3 ENCs on the screen.

  • The adjustable transparent display is implemented now, as well as animated visualization of ice trends.
  • One-click function opens access to numerical ice data values, such as temperature, pressure, thickness and others expressed in international or non-system units (e.g. knots per hour for wind).
  • Dual screen display allows observation of ice situation in two remote areas at a time.
  • Ice chart legends are always on display on a dedicated pod in the main window.

National presentations

Data animation

Mobile use

dKart Navigator Multi View provides AIS and ARPA targets display laid over standard marine electronic navigation charts and ice charts to remote users connected via LAN or WAN. Is compatible with mayority of the smartphone and tablet client’s browsers.


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