dKart ECS

dKart Navigator


dKart Navigator is released in the following versions:

  • 3.50 – light marine
  • 4.50 – coastal sailing
  • 5.50 – global sailing (ECS classes «А» and «B», compliant with IEC 62376)
  • 6.50 – extended functionali9ty for global sailing

Radar image overlay

  • Radar image overlay is implemented by using a dedicated external board (radar processor RP) supplied with the program.
  • Radar control functions on the program screen
  • Automatic and manual ARPA target acquisition.
  • Cross-identification (integration) of AIS and ARPA targets.

Ship model generator and maneuvering predictions

  • Ship motion modeling based on hull response parameters, engine performance modes, etc., with account for gyration and inertia.
  • Display of maneuver line, exact locations of turning points, etc.

Raster display

  • Display of rasters formatted as dKart Raster using dKart Image, GeoTIFF, Geojpg
  • Raster laid over a 3D model of a vector chart

3D sea floor modeling

  • Real-time 3D modeling of the sea floor, indication of the ship position and other information based on bathymetric data on the chart and from echosounder
  • Chart laid over the 3D model
  • 3D model-based depth profiles between pre-defined locations
  • 2D-shading of depth areas based on the 3D model

Input of echosounder data

  • Continuos input and accumulation of depths from echosounder in a database refereced to a datum
  • Manual input of user's depth onto the chart
  • Purging the depth database within a pre-defined area
  • User's depths on the chart and 3D model

Planning hydrographic surveys and pre-processing of bathymetric data

  • Plotting/Editing survey lines
  • Ship maneuvering control on survey, surveyed area display on the screen
  • Echosouder data corrections to systematic errors
  • Continuous saving of observations to the depth database

Installation of floating AtoNs

  • Installation of floating AtoNs
  • Actual AtoN location marker on the chart
  • Emailing the project report

Massive object tugging mode

In this mode the leading tow is controlled with the use of GPS and Furuno CP-500 gyro compass on the leading tug and two GPS receivers with modems at two locations on the tugged object.

Print out of the chart

A pre-defined area of a chart can be printed out including user layer and external database objects in it.