dKart ECS

dKart Fishing Pro

dKart Fishing Pro is a navigator for fishing boats and vessels. Its major distinctive feature is a powerful user layer editor, with which fishing areas and routes can be built and shown on the screen, point markers can be set, etc.

User’s Markers Library

Markers can be set on the chart by using the built-in marker library

Event Markers

The event marker is created on the chart at the own ship current position in the view of on pressing the Ctrl-7 on the key board.

Recording Own and Target Tracks

Own track can be recorded to a user layer with color saturation varied according to the depth data from the echosounder.

Targets tracks can be assigned its own color each.

Building User’s Lines and Areas

User’s lines can be built and displayed customized by the user within a pre-defined area.

More features:

  • Simplified functionality and user-interface with more functions available via single click or hat keys.
  • Route planning functions customized to fishermen’s needs
  • Depth and track recording functions.

3D sea floor modeling

Input of echosounder data