dKart Port Monitoring

dKart Port Monitoring system in general

dKart Port Monitoring system is for marine traffic monitoring and control within port and port approach areas by combining information from various types of external sensors on one screen according to the scheme below:

We have developed and installed a family of software products for marine traffic monitoring and control in port areas, shipping companies, S&R centers, etc. Such systems can be found in Tallinn, Moscow, Ma Ta Phut, Kealung and others.

Major Features


  • IEC 60945 Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems – General requirements – Methods of testing and required test results, Open architecture
  • Ethernet LAN/WAN with TCP/IP
  • Client-server architectures with access rights control
  • Ready-to-user software (except for the radar module)
  • Multi-platform technology
  • Workstations using S57 and СМ93.3 charts
  • All-degital concept, icluding radar, VHF and CCTV data
  • On-line technical support and diagnostics
  • Remore access
  • System extension capabilities

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Major Features