After long years of experience in marine electronic cartography, the company offers radically modernized software products, technical support included, originally developed in cooperation with Morintech Ltd, C-MAP and Jeppesen.

Keep updated

Keep your chart collection updated automatically or manuallt on the basis of Notices to mariners in paper form.

Navigation safety

Automatic safety tests compliant with major IMO regulations.

Logging, back up and playback

The functionas to log, back up and playback all major voyage events.


Received certificate of the Russian Register of Shipping for the Electronic Chart System (ECS) dKart Navigator Ice with ice raster and vector charts support, including S-411 vector data.


dKart ECS Features

Electronic chart system provides:

  • Automated navigational solutions for major navigational tasks to ensure navigation safety.
  • Compatible with vector marine electronic charts S-57/S-63, C-MAP CM 93/3 etc.
  • Supports polar code, provides polar stereographic chart projection.
  • Provides different overlays: radar image with integrated ARPA, soundings, user layers, ice vector data in S-411 standard, weather and user defined geo referenced DBs.

Route planning

  • Route planning on the chart and in the table
  • Import/Export of routes from/to GIS formats (Excel, Google, etc.)
  • Datun-to-datum recalculations
  • Orthodromic/Great circle calculations
  • Automatic safety check of a route

Navigational functions

  • Recalculations from the positioning system datum to user-defined geodetic one
  • Continuous route monitoring in true and relative motion modes
  • Navigation safety monitoring and control
  • AIS and ARPA target monitoring; automatic alerting on dangerous targets
  • Logging voyage events

AIS and ARPA target monitoring

  • Display of AIS and ARPA targets on the chart
  • Divergence calculations with targets
  • Messaging with AIS targets
  • User-defined dangerous target criteria
  • On-chart indication of dangerous and lost targets
  • Target information on the chart in a pop up

Navigation safety control

  • Alerting on crossing or approach to a dangerous depth contour within a user-defined time span or distance
  • Alerting on entering e restricted area
  • Alerting on approach to isolated dangers within the ship safety zone
  • "Depth from echosounder below limit" alerting

Radar image overlay

  • Radar processor
  • "Koden" radar control interface
  • Manual and automatic (within a pre-defined sector) target acquisition and tracking
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  • Periodic logging of voyage events
  • Export/Import of the logbook
  • Playback of the voyage including AIS and ARPA targets
  • Converting the track to a route

dKart ECS
Functions on the chart

dKart PM Features

Products of dKart Port Monitoring family provide efficient solutions to the major marine traffic control tasks

Radar processor

Radar data are pre-processed with a dedicated radar processor board to be passed to the Operator Display Unit for post-processing and display on screen.


Display is possible not only of AIS targets obtained from the local or remote base stations but from global AIS servers as well.

CCTV monitoring

Integration of CCTV is possible cusomized to end-user's equipment comfiguration.

VTS database

The VTS database hosted on a SQL server is a centralized storage of all kinds of information relevant to vessel traffic monitoring and control.

Operator Display Unit

dKart ODU – the core element of the system to directly provide the operator with complete navigaional information.

Ice chart display unit

The unit implements display of ice charts, both raster and vector, fore- and nowcasts laid over nautical charts.

dKart PM main characteristics

Based on dKart® technology, the software implements highly-efficient radar image processing algorithms .

dKart Vessel Traffic Monitoring systems comply with IMO regulations regarding navigation safety, reducing collision risks and environment protection.

dKart Ice Navigator main screenshots