Training Simulator

dKart Simulator PRO

The dKart Simulator is an integrated system for maritime training and operators of ship traffic control systems in ports and coastal areas.

This system makes a great contribution to:

  1. External sensors:
    • RADAR – up to 6 working simultaneously
    • AIS transponder, base station, receiver
    • For ship: GPS, gyrocompass, echo sounder, log
  2. System components:
    • Instructor’s workstation
    • Students’ workstation
    • Special databases (ships, weather, ice conditions, etc.)


To display the target position and other information, the system simulates AIS data using a local or remote server via LAN or the Internet. The system also supports the sending and receiving text messages via AIS.

Convenient color coding of targets:

Type/Status Symbol
Wings in ground (WIG)
High speed craft
  • Fishing boat
  • Towing
  • Dredging ship
  • Diving works
  • Military operations
  • Sailing
  • Pleasure
Special vessel
  • Pilot boat
  • Search and rescue
  • Tug
  • Port auxiliary ship
  • Anti-pollution ship
  • Law enforcement ship
  • Medical transport
Type/Status Symbol
Passenger ship
Cargo ship
Base station
ARPA target

Alarms on targets

The instructor can adjust alarms criteria

  • Route deviation
  • Intersection of special sailing conditions lines and areas, anchorage displacement
  • Dangerous target alarm with CPA/TCPA criterion
  • Spatial alarm filter

The alarm is followed by a text message, an audio signal (optional) and can be used to quickly position the map according to the position of the vessel that caused the alarm.

Instructor’s workspace

The instructor's workspace is designed to combine information on the movement of ships from all types of external sensors at one workplace, usually with several screens. The system works in the Microsoft Windows environment, has a modern user interface with the ability to configure information windows, graphics, texts and interactive components.

The goals documenting

Most of the parameters of the navigation environment are saved for the purpose of its repeated reproduction in the learning process.

The system allows you to export recordings in AVI format, which after that can be played by a media player on any other PC or mobile device.

Playback provides a wide range of reports, detailed information on entering, exiting, crossing the set boundaries of the vessel in the service area.

The system is an effective tool for staff training, statistical analysis, etc.

Cartographic background

The system allows you to display marine electronic charts in various formats.

The main format on which the system display is based is the S-57 ENC format, produced by national hydrographic services.

The software component responsible for displaying the map has a built-in editor of the user layer of objects, which allows you to add various objects and their characteristics to the maps (special areas, lines, signs, etc.).

Recommendation Letter

We've received a Recommendation Letter from Estonian Nautical School on November the 6th, 2019:

Recommendation Letter