dKart ECS

dKart Navigator Install


If the program is installed as an upgrade of a previous version and supposed to be used with the eToken for that version, reregister the license to the program as described in this Appendix below. If the eToken has come together with the latest version this may be skipped.

Hard- and Operating System Requirements


  1. 2-4 core CPU with 1 GHz (2GHz recommended) for 3.50 and 4.50 versions; 2 GHz (2GHz recommended) for higher versions.
  2. 2 GB of RAM for 3.50 и 4.50 versions; 4 GB (8GB recommended) for higher versions.
  3. 32-bit color video, NVIDIA adapter recommended for 3D modelling of the sea floor.
  4. DVD-ROM drive.
  5. RS-232 or LAN inputs for connection to external sensors.
  6. USB controller with a free port for the eToken.
  7. Sound card recommended.
  8. 5 GB of free space on the HDD.
  9. Swap file size at least 1024 MB on all available drives.
  10. Keyboard, mouse or two-button trackball with the scroll wheel.
  11. Screen resolution of: 1024х768, 1280x768, 1280x800, 1280х1024, 1400х900, 1680x1050 и 1600х1200.

Operating System

The program runs on 32 or 64 bit Windows 7 (Professional и Ultimate) with a kb2999226 service pack, Windows 8.1 (Pro и Enterprise), Windows 10 (Pro и Enterprise LTSB)

Uninstalling Outdated Program Version

If there is a previous dKart Navigator version installed, uninstall it first.


Prior to uninstallation, use the export functionalities of the program to save routes, user’s objects and logs to external files, from which they can be imported into the newer version.

To uninstall the program:

  • Uninstall C-MAP Professional SDK Runtime using the standard Windows tool.
  • Run Start> Programs> dKart Navigator> Uninstall or user to uninstall dKart Navigator.
  • Having saved Radar Processor software configuration, if any, uninstall it using the standard Windows tool
  • Reboot the machine.
  • Delete or rename the dKart Navigator folder on the HDD.

Installing the Program

The installation kit includes the installation CD-ROM and eToken protection device.

Log in to the system under the Administrator account; otherwise the program will not be installed correctly.

Do not insert eToken into the USB port before the eToken driver is installed, see below.

If eToken has already been in use, so the driver is installed, insert it before the installation routine is run.

On Windows 7, 8, 10 set the correct security settings first as described in the next sections below.

Security settings under Windows 7 (Professional and Ultimate)

  1. Run Start> Control panel> Local security to open the window of the same name.
  2. Click System and security.
  3. Uncheck User Account Control:Run all Administrators in Admin approval Mode .
  4. Uncheck User Account Control: Admin Approval Mode for the built-in Administrator account ..
  5. Click User Account Control settings to drag the slider in the window that opens down to Never notify .

Security settings under Windows 8 and10

Use of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB (x64) is strongly recommended

  1. Enter “UAC" into as a search string into the search tool of Windows.
  2. Click Change user account settings for all the search results.
  3. Drag the slider in the window that opens down to Never notify.;
  4. Press Win+R on the keyboard to enter “regedit” .
  5. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Policies\ System.
  6. 3. Set the DWORD: ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin; EnableLUA; parameter values on the right panel to “0”.
  7. Close the registry editor and reboot.

Installation Routine Step-by-step

  1. Under Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate install the kb2999226, service pack matching the bit number and language on the machine.
  2. Insert the installation CD to run the Setup.exe – installer on it – the window opens:
  3. Insert the eToken and click Yes in this window.
  4. If the new device wizard window starts, press Cancel to abort.

    The list of software components to install opens;
  5. Click Install to be asked about the eToken type:
  6. Click the appropriate button to start installing the eToken driver after which reboot may be needed.
  7. Then the Microsoft Visual C++ libraries will be installed.
  8. Next, the СМ93v3 chart support softwarenamelt “C-MAP Professional SDK Runtime” is being installed:
  9. Follow the instructions on screen to click OK in the window of:
  10. After C-MAP Professional SDK Runtime installation is complete, the radar software goes next, if included in the package.
  11. dKart Navigator installation goes next.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Agree with the terms of the license agreement on the next screen and click Next:
  14. Complete the User name and Company fields on the next screen and click Next:
  15. Click Install on the next screen to start installation:
  16. Click Finish on the final screen.
  17. Make sure all installed components are checkmarked on the list, click Exit and take out the installation CD.

If the eToken was in the installation kit, everything is ready for the start; if it was an upgrade and the existing eToken is supposed to be used, register the license to the software as described in the next section.

Registering the License to the Program

The program must be installed and eToken inserted into a USB port; check the LED on the devices shines red.

  1. Run the Start> All programs> C-MAP Professional SDK Runtime> C-MAP Chart Manager.
  2. On the Licenses tab in the Chart manager window select Software Modules on the Select datasets list.:
  3. Click Import from file to navigate to the license file in the standard Open window that opens. It is a *.usr file in the license folder on the installation CD.
  4. Open to open the file.

    The program reports license registration was a success

    license name of DKNAV_JM appears on the registered license list.

  5. Close C-MAP Chart Manager.

User interface settings

The program may be used with either English USA or Russian interface.

If you use Multilanguage Windows version, to select the default language log in with administrative rights and define English USA/Russian in Menus and dialogs section (Start / Settings / Control Panel / Regional and Language Options).

If you use monolingual (either English or Russian) Windows version, the program language will correspond to that of the operational system in use.

Please set Smaller – 100% (default) fonts size in Start/Control panel/Personalization/Display (Windows 7,8 or 10).

Additional system settings


This chapter is intended for advanced РС users and system administrators.

PC sleeping mode on exiting the program

This utility provides automatic switching of ECS PC into «sleeping» mode each time you exit dKart Navigator by pressing button and exact restoring of the program latest state on the next log on.

To activate the mode:

  • Open Windows Registry Editor ( Start / Run / regedit).
  • In key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Morintech \ dKartNavigator \ 9000 (see the picture) change the value of DWORD parameter «POWER OFF» from «0» into «1».

High precision mode of coordinates and distances presentation

With this function you may add one more decimal position to coordinate and distances fields. In other words, the usual setting allows coordinates presentation in ХХ°ХХ.ХХХ’ format, but after you used this function, the format changes into ХХ°ХХ.ХХХХ’, etc. To activate high precision mode:

  1. Open Windows Registry Editor (Start / Run / regedit).
  2. In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Morintech \ dKartNavigator \ 9000 (see the picture) create DWORD «HIGHPREC» parameter and assign it the value equal to «1», or (if this parameter already exists), change its value to «1».

To return to usual precision mode change «HIGHPREC» parameter’s value to «0».

If dKart Navigator has Survey real time module, the high precision mode is the main mode, activated automatically on the program startup.

Coordinates in Gauss-Krueger System

This option allows display of coordinates of the cursor not only in geographic coordinate system but in Gauss-Krueger system as well. To activate this feature:/p>

  1. Open Windows Registry Editor (Start / Run / regedit).
  2. 2. In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Morintech \ dKartNavigator \ 9000 (see the picture) create DWORD «GAUSS» parameterand assign it the value equal to «1», or (if this parameter already exists), change its value to «1».

To disable this feature set the same key to “0”.

Restriction of Windows functions access (Win Block utility)


It is recommended that you carefully study the text before you start following these instructions.

Win Block utility may be supplied within the installation set on the user demand. This utility restricts access to Windows functions during dKart Navigator operation and provides:

  1. dKart Navigator automatic startup on switching the РС;
  2. disconnecting functions of accessing Control Panel, Start menu and Windows explorer.

The utility is to be activated after dKart Navigator has been installed.

To activate the utility:

  1. Unzip to the hard drive. WinBlock folder contains the following files: On.cmd – activating the utility; Off.cmd – deactivating the utility; WLogonNavOn.reg and WLogonNavOff.reg – Windows register files.
  2. Log on with Administrator rights
  3. Check that in Windows Power Options (Start / Settings / Control Panel / Power options properties / Advanced), in When I press the Power button of my computer: section Power off variant is selected.

    This utility is not recommended to be used on hardware without this optional setting. After the utility has been activated, the system registry would contain the path for dKart Navigator automatic startup, which corresponds to «default» program setting: C:\ Program Files \ Morintech \ dKart Navigator 9000 \ dn.exe. In case you have selected another folder for dKart Navigator files, correct “Shell” string in WLogonNavOn.reg file correspondingly before the utility activation

  4. Start On.cmd file. Press Yes in confirmation window – the program produces a message informing that the system registry has been changed.
  5. Restart the PC and log on as usual. Start dKart Navigator. No Windows functions would be available, except for Windows Security window, which may be called by Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination.
  6. To switch off the PC exit dKart Navigator and press Power button on the system unit. Windows terminates and the PC shuts down.

To deactivate the utility:

  1. Log on with Administrator rights.
  2. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination and start Task Manager from Windows Security window.
  3. In Task Manager window select Applications tab and press New Task button, then in Create New Task window in Open string type explorer and press OK button – Windows explorer opens.
  4. Find and start Off.cmd file using Windows explorer. Press Yes in confirmation window – the program produces a message informing that the system registry has been changed. As soon as you restart Windows, the system would be operating as usual.

Program automatic restart

The program continuously controls its own operating stability. To avoid hand-ups and data losses caused by unstable program operating (for instance, evoked by using inappropriate hardware) an automatic program restart is provided. The program produces a message, indicating the time left before it will be automatically restarted.

The program restarts as soon as you press Restart button. As you press Close button, the program restarts within the time specified in the window or does not restart in case its operational state has become stabilized. After restarting the program restores its latest configuration and operational mode.

Error messages

If any errors occur the program creates a reporting file offering to send it to support service:

If your PC is connected to an e-mail service via Microsoft Outlook software, press Yes button – the program automatically creates and sends the corresponding e-mail and informs you of this.

Otherwise select No. In this case it is recommended to send the report to as soon as possible. The reporting files that have not been sent automatically may be found in dKart Navigator program folder, named log00001.erc, log0002.erc, etc.

Program uninstallation

The program components may be completely deleted from the PC in the following order:

  1. First of all, delete С-МАР 93v3 charts support program – C-MAP Professional SDK Runtime, using Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features) Windows option.
  2. Erase dKart Navigator program files either by selecting Uninstall dKart Navigator... from Start / Programs / dKart Navigator or using Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features) Windows option.
  3. Delete Radar Processor if it was installed using Remove Programs Windows option.
  4. Restart the computer.
  5. Delete dKart Navigator folder from the hard disk.