dKart Port Monitoring

AIS System Component

The system has been developed in accordance with IMO regulations for AIS on board SOLAS vessels and chapters in the International Code for ship and port facilities protection relevant to AIS and AIS on-shore infrastructure.

The AIS component can input AIS information not only from local and remote sources but from global AIS monitoring servers as well.

The AIS component has web interface

Major AIS Monitoring Functionalities:

  • Targets in the tree and on the chart
  • Manual targets
  • Target information in a pop up and a dedicated window
  • Text messaging with targets
  • Use-defined dangerous target criteria and continuous alerting
  • Target status indication on the chart

Compatible hardware:

  • Transas T-211
  • Jotron TR_2600
  • Saab Transpondertech R40 AIS BS
  • Kongsberg Seatex AIS BS 400