dKart AIS Web



dKart AIS Web is a web interface for AIS target monitoring. It is a multi-platform web application able to deliver AIS information right onto the screen of any kind of hardware, be it a notebook, a tablet or a smartphone. AIS information may come in from its own or other dedicated server to be delivered via Internet to government officials, commercial fleet managers and other interested parties.

Cartographic backdrop is taken from an OGC server, which constitutes an integra; part of aKart AIS.

Major Features


  • Internet Explorer v.11 or higher
  • Google Chrome v.38 or higher
  • iOs Safari v.7 or higher
  • Mozilla Fire Fox v. 40 or higher
  • Opera v.33 or higher


dKart AIS WEB server can be installed on Windows 7, 8.1, Windows server 2012

dKart AIS WEB uses Microsoft SQL Server DB. V.2008R2 or higher.

Server Functionalities

The server provides display of background charts in the formats of:

  • dKart Charts (*.dcf)
  • S-57 edition 3 (*.000)
  • Open Street maps as in the picture below:

Client Workstation Functionalities

Client workstation provides:

  • Electronic Sea Chart
  • AIS Vessel target
  • ARPA targets, if available
  • Visual markers of a target on list and on the chart
  • Color indicators for different ship types
  • Dangerous cargo markers
  • Lost target indication

User Interface Features

  • Cursor position information bar
  • Chart/ Graphic window
  • zoom in
  • zoom out
  • select scale
  • pan/drag function
  • automatic chart scroll to a pre-defined target
  • User-defined chart presentation level and color scheme

Vessel information available

  • Name
  • MMSI number
  • IMO number
  • Call Sign
  • Speed
  • Course
  • Heading
  • ROT – rate of turn
  • Status reported (under way, moored etc.)
  • Destination
  • ETA (Estimated Time Arrival)
  • Ship Type reported (cargo, tanker, etc.)
  • Last Updated Target Time

AIS Target Monitoring on the Web

AIS targets are displayed on the pages of dKart AIS Website in a tabular foerm and on the chart according to the legend to reflect the target status: